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Album: (2007)

Song: Imprints

Bitrate: 128kbps

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With members having formed and played in bands such as At Dusk We Decide and Cadence, these five Melburnians sought to shift things into gear, and with regular recording and rehearsing a focus for the band since forming in March 2005, they are ready to serve up a plate of their melodic hardcore- sure to leave a metal aftertaste.

At dusk or otherwise, a decision was made and the guard was changed in the form of the departure of the existing singer and, early 2005, the addition of a new vocalist breathing new life and inspiration into a band that had effectively ground to a halt.

With an open mind yet no desire to reinvent the wheel or create a new genre of music, MDK are finely tuned for the job and plan to nail said job to the floor with a dirty big nail gun. Influences such as Killswitch Engage and Thrice shine through with MDK also collectively drawing stimulus from Hatebreed, Rise Against, AFI and Poison The Well not to mention unashamed inspiration from local acts such as Irrelevant and Awayfromnow.

MDK are now armed (to the teeth no less) with a three-track demo and a desire to give something back to a scene they have been involved in for some time as musicians and punters alike. Keep your eyes on local street press, Gig Guides and lampposts for MDK gigging from September. With an open-mind and a healthy attitude towards actually enjoying playing music, MDK lock and load with an arsenal of metal breakdowns, hardcore riffs and punk melodies all evident on the three demo tracks: Imprints, HistoryƆs Page & Worst Case Scenario. Wigs best not worn lest they be blown off.

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